As Parents and taxpayers of Frederick County looking to become the majority (4) on the Board of Education (BOE), we propose not just to refocus on “academics” over “identity” but more important, to repair and restore relationships between parents, teachers, and students and the BOE.

We are all neighbors within the Frederick County community and should be united in our goal of educational excellence for our children, regardless of “race”, religion, political affiliation or sexual “identity.”

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In this time of political division that is exacerbated by “cancel culture” and “woke ideology”, we put forth this detailed agenda for refocusing on academics and our children.  We are making a commitment to Frederick County families in writing so that you can be completely aware of our mission and then hold us accountable once we are elected.

The election of 2022 gives the citizens of Frederick County the opportunity to dramatically change the structure and focus of Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS).  FCPS has departed the path that leads to educational value for children; choosing instead a path that leads to providing value for special interest groups.

The changes we propose to make should we be elected, are to switch the focus from a politicized, sexualized, emotionally driven education to one that focuses on achieving academic excellence and personal responsibility.  We propose an education of value to the student where the content is challenging, rewarding, joyful and contributory to the general good of society. More than this, we propose an education that encourages and develops critical thinking skills, remains committed to an honest and accurate detailing of history and affirms time-tested truth and facts.

Under a new BOE majority (4), FCPS will cease to be a training ground for political activists who hate America.  It will cease implementing or adopting any and all training, resources and materials having to do with Critical Race Theory, anti-racism, and revisionist history (i.e., 1619 Project).

Electing a new majority (4) will be the beginning of a new era for the BOE.  It will be a BOE that values and actively protects the rights of parents, students, and employees.  It will be a BOE which recognizes that as Americans, we have the shared goals of happiness and prosperity along with the right to religious freedom and individual speech.

Our BOE will recognize and affirm that family is over teachers’ unions, and that God is over government.

Within our first 100 days in office our BOE will recommend the following major reforms aimed at restoring academic excellence and rebuilding trust between the parents, students, employees and taxpayers of Frederick County and their Board of Education.

FIRST, to foster unity in our community, we will ban the use of all materials and resources that seek to classify and segregate people into groups.  This includes but is not limited to Critical Race Theory, “anti-racism”, and LGBTQ+, diversity training and materials.  FCPS will cease teaching students, teachers, and staff that whites are born “racists” and that minorities cannot succeed because they are somehow deficient. In keeping with BOE Policy 437, every student at FCPS will be treated equally. No one has “extra rights” based on their skin tone, political affiliation, sexual “orientation” or religious belief.  We are all neighbors in the same community;

SECOND, we will review, re-write and/or rescind all policies that confer special rights to any specific class of student including those that allow FCPS to keep information from parents. Students at FCPS will be treated and valued equally;

THIRD, we will not renew the contract of Superintendent Theresa Alban in 2023;

FOURTH, get proposals to have cameras placed in all FCPS classrooms, for the protection of students and staff;

FIFTH, reduce the number of employees at Central Office, starting at Cabinet level positions;

SIXTH, we will compile a list of everything FCPS does that is tied to grant funding (i.e., state mandated assessments), and guarantee an honest accounting of our annual spending by implementing a zero base-line budget.  We need to know where every dollar is spent and why;

SEVENTH, we will make the entire FCPS curriculum easily locatable and written in common language a non-educator can understand;

EIGHTH, we will select an independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of FCPS for waste, fraud, and abuse.

Thereafter, within the first 100 days the Board of Education shall bring to the public for their full review and input the following policies:


FCPS will recognize “The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children is a fundamental right.”

The parental right and responsibility to direct education includes the right and responsibility to choose the things within which their child will participate in school.  Hence, parents will choose to “opt in” before their child is exposed to controversial teaching materials. Te default position at FCPS will be that no child be allowed to participate in controversial subjects or be exposed to the use of controversial materials unless the parent has “opted in”.  This policy will focus particularly on sex education, objectionable reading materials, State mandated standardized tests, etc.  The state of Maryland requires public schools receiving certain funds to “offer” the assessment, it cannot mandate that any student “take” them.

The Board of Education will enshrine parental rights in school policy.


In the event of a pandemic or other catastrophe that results in the Governor of the State of Maryland, Frederick County Executive, or other government agency mandating the closure of public schools, this Board Of Education will create a policy that allows for a brief closure to assess the legitimacy of the emergency.  If the BOE deems a legitimate emergency does not exist, then schools will remain open with parents having the choice to send their children to school or keep them home.  Employees of FCPS will be required to work if the BOE deems there is no legitimate, quantifiable emergency.  The BOE will never mandate any student, employee or guest wear a face mask, subject themselves to medical testing or require a vaccine regardless of whether the State of Maryland, or Frederick County mandates it.  The number one priority of our Board of Education will be the safety of students, employees, and guests.  However, this will not come at the expense of self-evident individual rights.  We are free born citizens, not the property of government.  Being a free citizen comes with risks which we all assume.

 The parents’ right to expect their child to receive the education paid for by taxpayer dollars will be protected in school policy.


 Shared traditions help create community bonds and build unity.  With this intention we recognize that FCPS takes a holiday in the winter generally from December 24, through January 1.  America is a country founded under Judeo Christian laws and traditions.  For decades, this end-of-calendar-year “break” was observed so that people could spend time with family and friends while celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, not celebrating winter.  The school calendar will always reflect this time as “Christmas Break.”

The same applies for Easter.  This holiday was created for families and friends to spend time together while celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, not celebrating spring. This “break”, whether it falls in March or April, will be restored to the school calendar as “Easter Break.”

For as long as there is a Great Frederick Fair  (or by whatever name known), “Fair Day” will be a protected holiday and not subject to removal.

These holidays and traditions will be protected in school policy.

The Candidates:


Nancy Allen

Olivia Angolia
Mark Joannides
Cindy Rose

Cindy Rose